Emotional Health Services

"Strategies for Fulfillment!"

Life Coaching- Emotional and Mental Health

​   We offer an alternative to the common talk therapy model.

"If what you have been doing has not been working

then it's time to do something different."

Who we are....

     We are a team of Life Coaches, Psychologists, and Behavior Specialists working together to offer our people an alternative to mental and emotional health. From career direction and family counseling to mental health. We have some of the best therapists in the field of human behavior.


How are we different?

      We are not against conventional psychological therapy. We are an alternative option that can work together with coventional therapy. We tend to work faster and more effectively. We use more than one behavioral science. We include, Psychology, Ontology, Axiology, Telleology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, and Holistic Psychological Therapy just to name a few. We have a bigger tool box which helps us be more effective in a faster time frame.

     We get to work right away getting to the roots so you can understand the fruits. Most issues have roots in a persons past. Rather than fight with and examine the fruits we get to work right away to remove the emotional charges from the root issues then we come back up and remove the emotional charges from current issues.

                                                            "You have to understand the roots to understand the fruits."

        We specialize in removing emotional charges that affect your mind, emotions, and biology. We work with different institutes and specialists to stay on the leading edge of human behavior.


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We are available to work with our clients through skype , whats app or by phone. Many of our clients are satisfied with their phone sessions. Click on the button above for your free consultation.