Nobody Cares!!!

I'm a big fan of eating up reality. One of the principles that I teach my clients is that, "Nobody Cares." From a human behavior standpoint, people only care when it supports their values. For example, let's say you have a friend, and you do something that supports her values, if you do she will label you or the deed as good, or for some people even holy. But if you do something that goes against her values, she will label you bad, or sometimes even evil. So in reality, "Nobody Cares." People are selfish and that's o.k. Nobody cares and that's o.k. When you accept this reality as normal, you drop the false expectations you have on everyone. If you don't expect people to do or be anything for you, you accept them for who they are. Eat it up as a relief, not as something negative. Nobody cares and that's o.k. They're not supposed to and are not designed to care. If they do it's an extra and you shouldn't get attached to them caring. Click on the video below to learn more about this principle. Blessings on your Journey. Tim Delgado

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