Every issue you are going through has its roots in your past. Whether its a mental disorder or a relationship issue you have to understand the roots to understand the fruits. If it is an anger issue usually there's a root anger from childhood or adolescent years. The person is taking out their anger towards that root person or situation on everyone who is currently in their life. If it is anxiety, usually it is the supression of anger towards that root person. If it is a relationship issue usually your partner represents one of your parents. Most people are fighting with the fruits and are not getting to the roots. I get many clients in my practice that have told me they have been to many seminars, have gone through many therapists, have done hypnosis and still have the same issues. I tell them most therapy and seminar platforms deal with the fruits and don't know how to make the change from the roots. When I dissolve the emotional charges from the past the there is a change in the mind, which in turn creates a change in the biology, and clients start to react different to their current situations. Everything you have gone through is not only a negative, it is balanced with positives. It has served you and is serving you and will keep serving you. You are here at this moment reading this because that happened. If my father wasn't an alcoholic douche-bag I wouldn't be here helping people. If those girls from the past didn't cheat on me I would still be the soft, unexpressive, over trusting guy. If I didn't get bullied I wouldn't know how to value my alone time which gave me the focus to learn everything I know in my career. Everything serves. Having gratitude for the negative is the key to life. I have processes to help my clients reach this point of gratitude. If you need help contact us and we'll help you release from your roots. Blessings on your journey.

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