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February 26th, 2022  10am - 3:00pm
Cerritos, Ca 

      Emotional Health Seminar is a powerful one day seminar that will help you release any emotional trauma you have been carrying with you. You will learn about your patterns and dynamics in life and relationships and where they are rooted. You will collapse any old emotional trauma and also collapse and any current emotional charges you are holding towards person, group, memory, or situation. Not  only will you learn how to let go of emotional trauma, you will take these tools with you for the rest of your life. 

    In this seminar you will learn how to get rid of positive emotional charges like having someone on the pedestal. It is not only people we can have on the pedestal. Some people have a fantasy, memory or situation on the pedestal. Some have family and culture on the pedestal. Some have their kids on the pedestal. In this seminar we are bringing everyone down from the pedestal. 

You will also learn how to get rid of negative emotional charges. You will learn how to collapse any current  and old angers from your past. You will also learn how to collapse situations you felt should not have happened in your life.

You will realize your patterns and see the bigger picture in life. You will feel more centered and have better self control in your life. 

Release anger, depression, anxiety, guilt, panic attacks and grief. 



Saturday February 26th, 2022

10am - 3pm

17777 Center Ct Dr S Suite 600, Cerritos, CA 90703

Price: $130  Cerritos,Ca